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Maylath Therapy Group

Therapy is an important part of your recovery to put you back on the path to good health. That’s why it’s important to choose a therapy group that is experienced, caring, and dedicated.

Maylath Valley Health Systems, the name you know and trust, offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to help you recover from illness, injury,

or surgery. We serve all ages with a commitment to developing the best program for each patient as an individual.

Our home health patients are pleased that they can stay with their therapist throughout their recovery period, knowing that they will receive the same standard of care they have come to count on with Maylath.

You have a choice … choose Maylath. Ask your healthcare provider for a referral to Maylath Therapy Group.

New Patients:

Please print and fill out both PDF forms prior to your first treatment. Thank you!

New Patient Packet

Demographics Form

In-Home Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you regain motion, strength, function, and balance. Therapy decreases your pain and risk of injury and helps prevent falls, improving your overall quality of life. Physical therapists are licensed medical professionals who develop an individualized rehabilitative program to meet each patient’s needs. Physical therapy is an important part of treatment for patients with chronic conditions or injuries.

Patients will receive a thorough examination to pinpoint the source of their pain. Your therapist will then work with you to develop a plan for your recovery through designated physical goals. Your therapy plan will provide the best course of treatment for you to achieve your highest level of mobility and function, and your physical therapist will guide you through each step of your therapy.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help improve breathing, speaking, or swallowing functions. Speech therapy focuses on understanding words and your ability to use words to express yourself following stroke, heart attack, or injury.


Children can also benefit from speech therapy. After a referral from your pediatrician, we will conduct an initial assessment by asking questions and observing the child before therapy sessions begin.


Speech therapists provide treatment to improve the cognitive functions that allow children to communicate their ideas. They also assist the patient in improving articulation of individual sounds or reducing errors in production of sound patterns.


Speech therapists work to improve all areas of communication with a program specifically geared toward each individual.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy aims to help you regain the ability to perform daily activities such as dressing and feeding following hospitalization or serious injury.


This type of therapy uses everyday activities to help you develop, recover, and improve the skills you use on a daily basis at home and at work.

Occupational therapy helps people of all ages participate more fully in their everyday lives, giving them greater self-esteem and confidence as they

successfully navigate challenges in performing seemingly simple activities.


Occupational therapists work with people of all ages who need specialized assistance to lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives due to physical, developmental, social, or emotional problems.


Our team offers a brand new service of therapy for urinary incontinence by utilizing Pelvic Floor Exercises as a first-line for stress and urge bladder leakage.

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